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The product is characterized by casual wear inspiration and a contemporary reinterpretation. Our garments can be used across various occasions throughout the day, allowing individuals to define their personality as a distinctive voice. Alongside the creative process, there is a meticulous search for and selection of raw materials, with a preference for suppliers on Italian soil, particularly small to medium-sized ones. Once we have selected the exquisite fabrics to use, we study how to best employ them to achieve extraordinary performance in fit, comfort, and design.



After acquiring state-of-the-art machinery, we established a production hub in Umbria, Italy, an area historically renowned for the production of high-quality knitwear. Indeed, the heart of our collections comprises knitted garments, given the number and types of techniques offered. We view technological investment as a means to anticipate and honor both current and past times. Alongside machinery that allows us, for example, to assemble individual pieces with flat and clean seams, humans and craftsmanship remain central to the production process. The goal is to facilitate manual work while preserving and passing on techniques and knowledge of traditional methods, ensuring the highest quality. No garment leaves our facility without being hand-finished, fulled, and scrupulously inspected. Our approach to the craft is strict and rigorous, rich in culture, infused with creativity, and driven by curiosity.